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PROVEN HXM is a global HR services firm providing localized, tailored services to clients, operating in the Middle East since 2009

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Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

We have extensive regional expertise and an in-depth understanding of local processes. Our mission is to provide exceptional PEO services to our clients, both at home and abroad.


We understand that sustaining a culture of growth and profitability in any successful organization requires a strategic approach to global talent acquisition. As a pillar of long-term success in modern business, talent acquisition is crucial for achieving your vision and goals.

Global Resource Management

We believe in the power of a globalized workforce to drive business success. In this interconnected world, companies must tap into talent pools from different geographies to remain competitive and diverse.

Compensation and Benefits

We understand the importance of maintaining an accurate salary structure for your employees. In today’s dynamic business landscape, companies are faced with the challenges of realigning pay, retaining talent and addressing pay equity concerns among employee groups.

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