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About us

PROVEN HXM is a leading global recruitment specialist firm providing localized, tailored services to clients. Operating in the Middle East since 2009, the business has established a strong position in the market and is led by a management team with extensive years of combined international and regional experience.

Talent acquisition partners enable companies to transform their recruitment strategies and processes by optimizing utilization of people, data, and technology. Our global talent acquisition experts assist you during each stage of the recruitment processes recruitment team identifies experienced candidates based on your employment needs, regardless of the role’s niche or talent pool location.

Why choose PROVEN HXM?

When you partner with PROVEN HXM, you get strategically localized market related knowledge and expertise due to our strong Saudi presence, centralized headquarters and access to our resources.

Partnering with PROVEN HXM will enable you to fulfil your hiring needs seamlessly, eliminating the hassles out of recruitment so that you can achieve your business goals with quality talent.

We find

We find the right people for the right job.

We connect

We connect the right talent with the right company culture.

We support

We are a team of experts always at your support.

We build

We build long lasting partnerships with our clients.

We commit

We are committed to your success.